Welcome and Introduction

The City of Hobbs Legal Department provides legal representation and guidance to the Mayor, City Commission, City Manager, and departments of the City of Hobbs. The Legal Department prosecutes all cases in the Hobbs Municipal Court and all subsequent appeals. As a result of their ethical obligation to the City of Hobbs, attorneys for the Legal Department may not be able to provide legal advice to private citizens.

Mission Statement

To zealously represent the City of Hobbs and its departments in all legal matters. To create a culture of adherence to the strictest standards of ethics; and to foster an atmosphere where laws are formulated and enforced equally, with respect and dignity for all people.

Efren Cortez
City Attorney

Eric Scramlin
Deputy City Attorney

Valerie Chacon
Assistant City Attorney

Kathy Lord
Legal Assistant

City of Hobbs Video:

Understanding Local Laws & Accessing Them Online

Each day is an opportunity to gain more knowledge. In this video, Assistant City Attorney Valerie Chacon covers the basics on local laws and also provides tips of where you can access Hobbs municipal laws on our website.

We hope you find this information useful and are able to better understand local government!

Municipal Laws

The City of Hobbs has adopted and enforces various laws called "ordinances". An ordinance is a law that is specific only to the municipality. The ordinances for the City of Hobbs are compiled in the Hobbs Municipal Code. The City of Hobbs has also adopted its own set of traffic laws. These laws are compiled in the Uniform Traffic Ordinance. Both the Hobbs Municipal Code and the Uniform Traffic Ordinance are enforced by the various departments in the City of Hobbs organization. Any court cases that result from enforcement of the Hobbs Municipal Code and the Uniform Traffic Ordinance are heard in the Hobbs Municipal Court. Both the Hobbs Municipal Code and the Uniform Traffic Ordinance can be found by clicking on the links below.

Municode Uniform Traffic Ordinance

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(575) 397-9226

200 E. Broadway St.
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