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New Lab Renovations

The Laboratory has been newly remodeled:

Lab Sample Analysis

The City of Hobbs Water\Wastewater Laboratory will adhere to the following schedule for accepting water samples.

For analysis, samples will be accepted on Monday through Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. NO samples will be accepted on Fridays.

The total price for a Microbiological water sample, will be $45.63 which includes tax. Microbiological testing must be paid for when sample is left for analysis. Results may be picked up after 2 p.m. the following day at the City of Hobbs Waste Water Treatment Plant, Texas & 5th Street. Please note that bacteriological results will not be faxed or reported over the phone. If results are not picked up by the end of the business day, they will be mailed.

Please contact the City of Hobbs Water\Wastewater Laboratory for wastewater sampling Dates and Times.

Coliform Group of Bacteria

Coliform bacteria are enteric bacteria. This means that they are found in the intestinal tract of warm-blooded animals, including humans. These bacteria do not cause disease but are necessary for the digestion of food. The waterborne pathogens are also enteric organisms. Some of the bacterial pathogens are part of the coliform family. If coliform bacteria are present in the water supply, pathogens may also be present. The Coliform bacteria live longer in water and are easier to detect by laboratory testing. This is the reason the coliform group has been chosen as the indicator organism for waterborne Pathogens. If coliform bacteria are not present it is assumed there are no pathogens present either.

The coliform family has been divided into two groups. Results may come back as either total coliform positive (TC positive) or fecal coliform positive, or (FC positive or E. coli Positive.) Total coliform positive means that no human coliform are present. Fecal Coliform positive indicates the presence of E. coli, which means there is a greater chance of Pathogens being present. The laboratory tests for coliform include the MPN method, the Membrane Filter test, the Colilert test, and the presence-absence test. Most of the certified labs in New Mexico use either the Colilert or membrane filter (MF) test. These tests require 2.5 milliliters of sample.

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