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January 2019

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Meghan Mooney
Director of Communications

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A native of Phoenix, Arizona, I consider myself to have just relocated from one desert to another in concern to Hobbs, New Mexico as my new home. Having previously visited the area in 2007 and having returned in 2012 to attend the University of the Southwest on soccer scholarship, I was attracted to the innovation, growth, and change in Hobbs. I chose to finish my higher education with USW and received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in Marketing. My participation in athletics, volunteer work, as well as occupational work throughout the community, over the years has quickly familiarized me with what makes it tick. The vitality of the individuals of this town is undeniable. The history of this town has seen times of flourish, as well as times of tribulation, and no matter which, the people have thrived. The schools have always been supported, the population has always shopped locally, and the arts culture has grown exponentially in recent years.

As the Director of Communications for the City of Hobbs, it is my duty to share the vision of the City with the public, whether that is citywide, statewide, or even nationwide with the help of others. I make marketing and public relations recommendations to dispense the most appropriate resources and options available. Along with that, I update all public information forums, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, the City Newsletter, the City website and the City's radio station KHBX 99.3 with the help of the IT Department, and by making press releases and event submissions to the local newspaper, the Hobbs News-Sun. For any organization to function smoothly it is my belief that external sources need up-to-date and easily accessible information; it is one of my duties to stay in touch with those happenings and assist the departments accordingly so that the City and public stay on the same page as much as possible. Our City staff works diligently and persistently every day, and I think it fair that this information is distributed.

It now goes without saying that I sense a surplus of opportunities in Hobbs as well as Lea County. As the Director of Communications for the City of Hobbs, I intend to motivate as well as inform the area on these occasions and special moments in time. This is a great chance for us all to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to be a part of growth! As communicator to the entire staff of Hobbs, I intend to keep spirits high and the focus strong on the vision for Hobbs, New Mexico, and as the communicator to the city of Hobbs, New Mexico, I intend to keep the public updated, connected, and provide them with a constant contact to all occurrences in the city. As with any government employee, my job is to serve and that is what I intend to do. I hope I have been informative with the intentions and duties of my position and myself, knowing that no job's duties are clearly defined or that the list has a clear end, but that each is growing and changing, especially in Hobbs, New Mexico.